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Mid Glamorgan


Sprout's ideal home

Sprout is a 6-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. He can be a worried chap when first meeting new people, so potential owners will need to make a few visits to the centre to get to know him. Sprout does enjoy playing with his toys this is a good way of getting to know him by having a game of fetch. He is looking for experienced owners who are knowledgeable about resource guarding, as Sprout has previously shown this behaviour around toys and food. Advice will be given from our training team on how to manage this in the home environment. Sprout will need to be the only pet in the home and will require a quiet, adult only home where he is given his own space when needed.

Could you be Sprout's perfect match?

Sprout would enjoy being walked in quieter, more rural areas where there are few dogs around as he does lack a lot of confidence and may panic if dogs get too close to him. He is used to having human company throughout the day, so a home where owners are home for most of the day would be ideal. Sprout is a little character and although he has some sensitivities, he has a lot of love to give to understanding and patient owners.

Additional Info

  • Advert posted 3 months ago
  • Breed Jack Russell
  • Current age 6 years (approx)
  • Agency/ Charity DogsTrust
  • Centre Bridgend (Wales)
  • Sex Male

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